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Are Your Neighbors Affecting Your Home's Value?

You have put your home up for sale and done everything your agent has advised you to do to prepare your property for sale, but still, no offers have come in.  If you suspect your neighbor's property is preventing your home from appealing to potential buyers, there are a few things you can do to remedy this situation.  Here are some tips for dealing with problem neighbors while selling your home.

 Are Your Neighbors The Problem?

 Before banging down the neighbor's door and blaming them for your home's lack of appeal, you'll first want to make sure that is really the problem.  Ask your agent what they think the problem is, and whether they agree that the neighbors may be preventing the sale.  Also ask other homeowners in the area what they think of any problem neighbors to get perspective before making that visit.

 Use Tact When Approaching Neighbors

 If you have determined that a particular neighbor is creating a problem that is affecting your home's value and marketability, your best bet in getting them to agree to make the required changes is to be nice about it.  Offer to help them with the cleanup and explain that it is not only for your benefit, but will also increase their home's value as well.  Planning a neighborhood cleanup and renting a junk removal service for the community may encourage them to clean up without even being asked.


Last Resort

 If you have asked nicely and your neighbor still refuses to clean their property, there are steps you can take to force the situation.  Many municipalities have bylaws concerning the upkeep of the property, and getting your local officials involved may be necessary.  Also getting other homeowners in the area on your side can make this easier.  Remember though, you should always approach the individuals first and ask nicely before reporting them to the authorities.

 Messy neighbors can be an obstacle to selling your home, but in most cases, a little diplomacy and an offer to help will get the task accomplished.

Goal: Sell Quickly, without leaving money on the Table


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