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Congratulations, you have decided to buy a home. You’ve made a great decision. But you may be asking yourself,  “How do I know what is right for my family?”. Here’s what you want to consider:

1.) Your Home should Fit the way you live or WANT to live. Space and features for the entire family should be considered. If it’s just you, you get to choose for yourself then and that’s wonderful too!

2.) Make a list of your priorities. You’ll want to consider location as a priority although here you can make it to one side of town to the other in 30-40 minutes. Should your home be close to a particular School? Do you want to live near work? Are you curious about what transportation is nearby? Do you want a pool? Single story or Two Story? HOA? Do you need land or special zoning such as for horses?

3.) How large should the home be? Does the lot size matter?

Decide Where you Want to Live

Fair housing laws prohibit your real estate agent from guiding you towards or away from a particular neighborhood. You are best to do your own research on the general areas based on what’s important to you. Your agent can probably get you a zip code map and you could begin there. In Dallas TX Area, there are a lot of zip codes to look at. You may want to consider areas by average home sold price range so you know where you are able or have the desire to shop. You can also explore neighborhoods specifically.  Each neighborhood here has a subdivision name as well. Some communities will be part of at least one home owners association. If that’s important for you to know, be sure to ask your agent as you are browsing where to live.

Inquire about Schools

When you are in the process to buy a home, and you have school age children, you might want to pick a neighborhood based on which school it is zoned for.  We suggest you check the Great Schools School Information Page before you make an offer on a home. You can also find data and value of any TX home here, also ask your TX  agent 214-636-7138.

Check the Home Value & Data on any home as often as you want.

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