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Can't find money to buy a home?
You Can Now

We have found a solution for many that have no money or not enough for a downpayment

Lets make this clear...

You must be preapproved for a loan with a Registered Mortgage Broker.

This is an example of a recent family buying a home.
This family Purchased a Home For 300k
Their lender created a First Mortgage for 285,000
Second Mortgage for 15,000

He also helped the family with credit repair and closing cost assistance
For people that like to talk. Call me 214-636-7138 For people that like to text. Text me 214-636-7138

If you want to buy a home and don't have Downpayment money, you are going to have to call or text.

Let's get Started, Debbie Warford Broker/Owner/Author/Speaker 214-636-7138

The Roots Of My Family Tree Have Been Burrowed Deep Into The Farm Country Of Kentucky For More Than 100 Years. Please contact me, Debbie Warford, for any of your Real Estate needs. 214-636-7138, - Contact Debbie at  
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